Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs / Outdoor Advertising Boards

Pavement signs are great way for your business to attract attention from local passers-by. pavement signs are a friendly and personal way to communicate and build a relationship with your customers. The A-board is a particular favourite with bars and cafés which thrive on a regular clientèle. The A-board with the facility to display high-quality posters for a more tradition style, is effective when combined with the flexibility to grab customers’ attention through a stream of new messages and slick, eye-catching graphics.

Our carefully thought-out range of free-standing signage solutions also includes many of the fixed-base type, both static and swinging. Motion is a great way to attract the attention to news of your sale event or new product range.

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  • The classic A-Board is perfect for easy transportation, this is an excellent advertising tool and is a must have point of sale accessory for any business.

    This A-Board comes with double sided printed graphics with the option to varnish (this protects the printed area).

  • Our Budget A Board features a lightweight design that is perfect for easy transportation, this is an excellent advertising tool and is a must have point of sale accessory for any business.

    This A-Board comes with double sided printed graphics and the chalkboard option comes with a chalkboard panel suitable for liquid chalk pens only.

  • The Eco Swinger is a high impact swinging pavement sign which requires no tools to assemble.

  • The Swinger 2 Panel Sign is a wide-format pavement swinger sign which requires no tools to assemble and comes complete with double sided digitally-printed graphic.

Swinging Pavement Signs

Amid the intense competition between retail outlets on the high street, swinging pavement signs can give a shop an edge over others, dramatically helping to boost trade. If you don’t shout out your offers and services and deals, how are people going to know about them? Our Eco Swinger signs are highly affordable yet deliver a strong sales punch. Properly looked after, they'll last and last, and more than pay for themselves as they inform passers by about great products, services, discounts and more.

For more visual impact, our Swinger Panel and Poster signs are great for strong graphics and come with white or black frames. The hefty bases ensure they'll stay standing in all weathers. We also have larger sizes of these signs, including wheeled varieties for ease of movement and water-filled bases for stability. Swinging pavement signs are an essential tool in a company’s marketing and sales techniques and are deployed by retail operations everywhere, every day. Talk to Essex Sign & Design today and let us advise you on what type of swinging pavement sign is best suited to your business.


At Essex Sign & Design, we have an array of A-Boards to suit all retail needs. If you're looking for something in particular that we don't have, we'll make if for you. Our standard A-Board is an elegant advertisement for a product or service and is great for detailed graphics that will entice customers right into your store. For a more dramatic approach, the A-Master is a clarion call for all manner of things. This double-sided sign is available is a number of sizes and comes with an anti-glare poster cover so that your message is not lost in strong daylight.

For even more of a silent sales pitch that's visually impactful, our A-Master Plus sign has an added display area atop the main advertising environment and can be used to inform passersby of opening and closing hours as well as any other details. Rounding out our range of A-Boards is our Booster-Board with a pleasing curved top and added display area for logos or information; Budget A-Boards, which are double-sided and perfect for sheltered areas; and our Informer boards, blaring out special events such as sales.

Forecourt Signs

Our range of forecourt signs can be used to increase sales and turnover. With such intense competition among petrol stations, and margins so increasingly tight, combination offers whereby customers get bonuses or gifts with a certain amount of purchase can be displayed. Our forecourt signs are great for this, and can also be used to help boost sales in petrol stations' shops, bundling various products with fuel sale amounts or giving discounts. These signs are literally in customers' faces and cannot be ignored; they facilitate large typefaces that scream “attention”.

Others in our forecourt range include large poster display-type signs that are a more permanent fixture and the posters can easily be changed, as well as signs that swing in the breeze and grab people's attention, they come with wheels and so can quickly be moved about, while the base is filled with water to provide stability.