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PVC Banners

PVC Banner Printing on Variety of Materials

Many businesses enjoy the real benefits of using PVC banners as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s a simple and low-cost way to make a big impact and dramatically ramp up interest – and sales.

Take a walk around any commercial area and you’ll see lots of  banners, indoors as well as outdoors, advertising all manner of things. Their widespread use is down to their reliability and effectiveness, and that’s made possible by the sturdy nature of the material itself.

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  • Big and bold, indoor and outdoor PVC banners are designed to grab people’s attention and get you noticed. They’re high-impact and extremely flexible, so you can move them around at will.

PVC – for polyvinyl chloride, one of the most popular polymers around – provides high levels of resistance in all kinds of inclement weather, so you can be sure you'll get lasting value out of your signs. The material also enables high-quality printing, allowing companies to print whatever they want, as in as much detail as they choose, to get their message across to the public.

PVC banners can be made to any size and their extremely affordable cost means you don't have to think twice about whether your marketing budget will allow for it. Companies can opt for a variety of different PVC types and printing solutions, including outdoor banners in standard as well as high resolution, depending on requirements. Typically positioned outside a premises, these banners tend to be large and can either advertise a product or just the business itself – either way, they're designed to attract attention and draw customers in.

Indoor PVC banners are usually placed around a store or in the window, informing customers about discounts, sales or special offers, while double-sided banners are useful in high-traffic environments such as trade shows and exhibitions. PVC mesh banners, meanwhile, are great for outdoors as they have small holes that allow air through and therefore won't be damaged by wind.