Environmental Policy


Essex Sign & Design recognises the importance of Environmental Protection. It is committed to meeting this challenge, and has identified which of its processes could have an environmental effect, and has established Environmental Management Programmes, which will enable it to monitor and incorporate improvements.

The Management recognise the importance of protecting the environment, and are fully committed to complying with the requirements of all relevant legislation, particularly the Environment Protection Act, 1990. In order to achieve this, it is Management Policy to do all that is reasonable to: –

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legal requirements, and other relevant requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Achieve the highest available environmental standards in all of our activities, including the storage and disposal of waste.
  • Use all resources as efficiently as possible, in particular making the most economic use of all materials, energy and water, and to minimise waste in all parts of the business.
  • Prepare contingency plans to deal with foreseeable environmental accidents including environmental considerations in investment decisions.
  • Whenever possible, liase with our suppliers and customers to persuade them to adopt similar environmental standards.
  • Assess regularly the environmental impact resulting from our operations and keep ourselves fully informed of recognised best practices.

Employees have a duty to co-operate with these objectives: –

  • By working safely and efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • By using specific equipment provided, following instructions and by meeting statutory obligations.
  • By reporting or communicating any incidents and ideas that will assist the Company to initiate further improvements to its policies and working practices.

The company owners are responsible for the overall implementation of the Company’s Policy on the environment. The company owners have taken on the role of overseeing the operation of the Company’s Policy, and of advising management and employees on environmental matters. All employees have the responsibility of ensuring that activities under their control conform to the legal requirements, and that the appropriate environmental standards are achieved and maintained.

Communication of Policy

A copy of this policy statement will be issued to each new employee, and displayed on the Company Notice Boards. Employees have a responsibility to ensure that the Company complies; not only with the legal requirements, but with the achievement of the policy, and their active involvement is encouraged.

Sean Owen
CEO & Founder
(updated) 29/04/2023