Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps in Essex

A vehicle can be so much more than just a way of transportation. It is also an effective advertising opportunity for multiple businesses.
From brightly coloured vehicle wraps to sleek magnetic signs, Essex Sign & Design offers a range of vehicle graphics for different needs and budgets.
Our team is highly trained and qualified to transform your business fleet into a fantastic advertising opportunity with our quality and durable vehicle graphics.
Let us help you use this opportunity for lead generation to take your brand awareness to the next level.
Whether you have one van or fleet of vehicles, we can create outstanding graphics to help you stand out.
Regardless of the design or goal, our team is skilled and qualified enough to exceed your expectations.


Let us transform your ride and make a statement with vehicle graphics & vehicle wraps

At Essex Sign & Design, we utilise professional vinyl material, which can take the shape of your vehicle – we promise that the wrap will fill the contours perfectly. Our vehicle and van wrapping is enough to cover every bit of your vehicle, irrespective of the graphics, designs, and colours you want. While it’s perfect for covering defects, it can be used on new vehicles to protect the paint job.

Our team creates commercial vehicle wraps, as well as wraps for residential vehicles that protect the vehicles from scuffing and scrapes because they won’t budge or get removed with strong wings. We take pride in saying that our wraps are an affordable and convenient option to change the appearance of your vehicle. This is because we use large sheets of vinyl that can be applied while ensuring perfect details.

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Graphics & Sign Writing

Your business vehicles are useful for more than the functions currently assigned. They are an advertising resource just waiting to be tapped into! Add colourful branding in the form of vinyl logos, partial wraps, or full wraps on your vehicles to convert them into permanent and cost-effective tools for marketing.
Essex Sign and Design excels at finding optimal customised designs for vehicles to improve branding visibility. All we need is information about the vehicle(s), your branding intent, budget, and preferred communication to design the perfect vehicle graphics for your company vehicle.
Our teams will ensure you get premium products and services representing your brand and increase top of mind recall for your intended branding communication.

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps will give you the perfect opportunity to be creative with the way you want to display your branding. Using vibrant colours, crisp communication, and clear details will make your branding attractive and visible.
Essex Sign and Design has an incredible team that cleverly use graphics and lettering to design impressive and memorable partial wraps for our clients. Adding such vehicle graphics on your company car, vans, and fleet vehicles will help you attain an affordable solution for ongoing marketing to improve your numbers.

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Full Van Wraps

Our full vehicle wraps carry the same design genius as partial wraps, but our designers create them with absolute visibility in mind. Full vehicle branding covers the vehicle entirely, making it easy for the audience to view it from all directions. It is a 360° vehicle branding solution!
Full Van Wraps are perfect for general brand communications or campaign communications, especially when designed by our experts. Our team takes extra care in creating a clever design that maximises visual appeal without overwhelming viewers.
You will get premium vehicle graphics that brighten your company vehicles and amplify your marketing!

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Fleet Graphics

Your supply fleet is meant to support business solutions consistently, so why not leverage it to amplify brand awareness, recognition, and recall? Fleet graphics are incredibly impactful because they relay a message of consistency and trustworthiness.
They naturally grab attention because of numbers and are a cost-effective marketing tool to register brand communication in the minds of consumers. Essex Sign and Design has a history of providing premium, attractive, and distinctive fleet graphics that will make an unforgettable impression in the minds of your audience.

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Lorry & Bus Graphics

Buses and Lorries are a great way to market your business. Since they travel long distances and can be viewed from great distances, lorry and bus graphics are an excellent way to reach a broader target audience. At Essex Sign & Design, our team understands your requirements and expectations to create the best lorry and bus graphics to ensure your brand gets noticed.
There are multiple lorry and bus graphics options, including reflective markings, decals, full-coloured graphics, black and white graphics, and more. We make sure the graphics are eye-catching and bright so you can meet your marketing and branding goals.

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Reflective Vehicle Markings

Increase road safety while conforming to Chapter 8 regulations with our reflective vehicle marking graphics. They can also be used to advertise brands in low light conditions. When it comes to reflective vehicle markings, you need a partner who understands regulations and can provide you with quality and professional fitting to ensure complete safety. And that is what we are known for.
We can provide the highest quality reflective vehicle markings that serve as an invaluable tool for promotional and safety purposes. At Essex Sign and Design, we offer reflective vehicle graphics in all sizes and shapes—each customised to your requirements.
Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic vehicle signs are an excellent way to market your business and services. These are the most effective form of vehicle graphics that allows businesses to advertise their brand. Essex Sign & Design creates high-quality magnetic signs with a strong pull and bright colours with authentic solvent inks. Our team then laminates the signs to enhance their durability and overall quality.
Magnetic signs are great for any vehicle, including vans, cars, buses, boats, and more. They are affordable, versatile, and highly durable, making them an effective marketing and advertising strategy for any type of business and multiple needs and requirements.
Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Plant & Machinery Graphics

Aside from creating graphics for standard vehicles, our team has the skills to create numerous solutions for plants and machinery in any industry. Whether you want reflective markings on the equipment, logo and branding on the machinery, or safety and health notices, Essex Sign & Design has you covered.
We can provide the best quality stickers and decals with your business logo and name to be placed on any machinery to enhance brand recognition and market your brand. You can also include important instructions and guidelines to be displayed on all heavy equipment in your facility to ensure the safety and security of your staff.
Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Bespoke Graphics

Essex Sign & Design has been offering vehicle graphics services for years to all types of vehicles, including boats, helicopters, and planes. Our team takes pride in creating innovative and modern bespoke graphic designs for numerous vehicles that meet their marketing needs and requirements.
No matter what type of graphics you are looking for, we are a trustworthy and reliable signage partner for you. You can use our bespoke graphics services to utilise your vehicles to advertise your services or spread awareness about your brand by advertising on boats and aircraft vehicles. Whatever your goal is, our vehicle graphics services have you covered.

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Welcome to Essex Sign & Design, UK’s ultimate customisation experts specialising in vehicle wraps for everyone searching for van wraps near me. We have decades of experience in designing vehicle wraps that help you accentuate your vehicle’s appearance without spending thousands. Our van wraps London are a quick, cost-effective, and durable way of transforming your vehicles, irrespective of whether  you have a commercial bus, car, camper, van, truck, or taxi.

Perfect Detailing

At Essex Sign & Design, we want our clients to have the best customisation experience, even if we have to customise the vehicles. We understand that your vehicle’s appearance is the ultimate forefront of your personality, and a scuffed vehicle only leads to a negative impression. For this reason, we create vehicle wraps with a protection film, promising an aesthetic as well as protective value.

In addition, the wraps are infused with a protection film, which is a clear layer that protects the wrap from scratching (yes, we will protect your vehicle as well as the wrap). It will help you maximise the resale value of your vehicle and protect the genuine paint job.

At Essex Sign & Design, we believe that your vehicle should shine and stand out, which is why we promise perfect detailing that can transform an ordinary vehicle into a true work of art. We promise that our vehicle graphics are perfect for elevating your vehicles. With our detailing, you don’t have to worry that we will leave the difficult corners.

We have acquired all the necessary cutting and detailing equipment, so the application is seamless. In addition, our wraps are resistant to scratching, so you don’t have to bear the vehicle wrap cost again and again. We take pride in saying that our van wrap designs are the most innovative, and the detailing complements every bit of it.

Endless Customisation Options

Essex Sign & Design wants to meet and exceed your requirements, which is why we are offering endless customisation options to every client that contacts us. For this purpose, we offer more than 100 colours, finishes, and textures to make sure the graphics/wraps match your vehicle and your personal style. We can also print the wraps if you want to add visual elements to the vehicles.

When it comes down to searching for vehicle wrapping near me, many people need customised options, but they are afraid of the high cost. However, we are helping our clients achieve the best of both worlds by offering customised vehicle wrapping at an affordable price. This means you don’t have to stick to one vehicle wrap design.

Ranging from innovative modifications to personalised designs, we have a team of creatives who are working around the clock to turn your automotive dreams into a reality. We believe that van wrapping is a way to express your individuality and make an impressive statement. This is why we promise to create a customised look with striking graphics and personalised interior accents.

Moreover, while customising, we ensure that the wraps are according to your vehicle’s model so there are no bumps. So, whether you need a bold transformation or a sophisticated upgrade, we have the resources you need!

Convenient Usage

We are working day and night to bring ease to the lives of our clients. This is why our vehicle wraps are extremely convenient to use. The application is beginner-friendly as the wrap has an adhesive back, and the cover can be removed to ensure a seamless application. In addition, we print the accent parts separately, so you don’t have to do the detailing on your own – the entire application process will take a few minutes only.

In addition, our vehicle wraps are easy to remove if you want to change the appearance of your vehicle. The best thing about our wraps is that they don’t leave a sticky residue, making it a clean experience for our clients. When it comes down to the vehicle wrapping centre, we think that the ordering process should be equally convenient for our clients.

At Essex Sign & Design, we understand that everyone has a different schedule, which is why we have set up a flexible scheduling option, so you can take time out from your busy schedule anytime you want. We are available on weekends as well as weekdays because we want to be available at the time that suits you. Also, if you need convenient van wrapping near me, we have on-site as well as mobile services.

Exceptional Quality

At Essex Sign & Design, we are committed to delivering premium quality to our clients. We use premium materials that promise vibrancy, durability, and longevity. This is because we want our clients to have the best outcomes. Most of our wraps are produced with vinyl films, which promise high resistance to cracking, peeling, and fading, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Along with the vinyl, Essex Sign & Design leverage premium adhesive to ensure the wraps don’t budge and stay in place. Our adhesive promises strong bonding with your vehicle’s surface. Many people wonder, “How much to wrap a van if I have a limited budget?” If you were in the same boat, we have got you covered because we don’t let go of quality when you come to us for wrapped vans.

We have a team of professionals who are masters of their craft. We have a passion for perfection and decades of experience, so you don’t have to worry about the quality and attention to detail. We not only give amazing van wrap ideas, but we also promise precise installations and intricate designing.

As far as the material is concerned, we only use premium vinyl without increasing the van wrap cost. We source our materials from the most reliable suppliers who share this commitment to excellence. All our resources meet stringent quality standards, including a van wrap design template.

High-Quality Printing

We understand that you want to wrap your business vehicle in a branded wrap, which is why we have invested in advanced printers. Our printers can print your brand logo, name, and artwork to maximum accuracy. These printers promise sharp and accurate images with bright and vibrant colours, so the vehicle captures the attention wherever it goes. Also, you can share the desired print, and we will print it for you.

To make sure your vehicle wrap cost doesn’t reach the sky, we have acquired our own printers because in-house printing is more reasonable. Our printing technology is state-of-the-art, which helps us achieve remarkable printing results. Ranging from sharp details to bright and vivid colours and flawless finish, you can depend on us for a superior experience.

Also, when you choose us, we will also provide design assistance because sticking to the same old camper van wrap ideas won’t take you anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you already have the artwork or need to create something from scratch; our team will collaborate with you and create innovative van half wrap ideas that match your aesthetic.

Variety of Wraps

At Essex Sign & Design, we understand that every brand has a different requirement, which is why we can provide full as well as partial vehicle wraps. The full vehicle wraps are perfect if you want to change the colour and aesthetics of your entire vehicle – we have over 100 vinyl options that you can choose from. On the contrary, partial vehicle wraps can be used to enhance your vehicle’s silhouette.

Ranging from strips to logos or artwork, we can print different details that add a sense of depth and excitement to the wraps and your vehicle. Also, we are always available to customise the wraps. If you are worried about the high cost of wrapping a van, you can stop worrying because we have the magic of affordability that you need.

While designing the different types of wraps, we will use striking colours to truly transform the appearance of your vehicles. We can do sleek as well as bold designs. This is because we want our clients to enjoy factory-like work at a low cost. In addition to colour transformations, we can do graphic wraps that are adorned with abstract designs as well as intricate patterns, whatever you prefer.

Topping it all, we have speciality and texture wraps available, and the options include leather, brushed metal, and carbon fibre. These materials will add a touch of luxury to your vehicle, no matter how old your vehicle is. These wraps are a great option for people who need a tactile experience.

Vehicle Graphics Design Service

We have hired a team of skilled and creative designers who have experience in creating eye-catching and stunning wraps that not only communicate your brand message but also grab your attention. In addition, you can connect with our team to tell them your goals, which helps our team create a customised design that reflects your business.

Our designers are committed to their craft, which is why we stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, trends, and technologies in the designing and vehicle wrapping industry. This allows them to create vehicle wraps that help create a fresh and modern aesthetic for the business vehicle.

At Essex Sign & Design, we understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences when it comes down to their vehicles. For this reason, we are offering a special designing service, so we can help you create a design or graphics that suit your preferences. Our team of graphic experts will sit with you to understand your requirements and create a wrap that fits the bill.

Our team knows how to find a balance between different graphics, colours, and textures, so your vision can be brought to life. In simpler words, our design team has exceptional creativity, and they let it flow, so you can have a fully personalised car that exceeds your expectations.

Attention to Detail

We believe that every detail counts, which is why we take a meticulous approach to every vehicle wrap project we undertake. From design to production, we pay close attention to every aspect of the process, ensuring that the final product is flawless. Essex Sign & Design takes the time to understand your specific needs and requirements and works closely with you throughout the process so the vehicle wraps are according to your vision.

At Essex Sign & Design, we take pride in our meticulous attention to detail because we are working with a passion to help our clients. We can work on your vehicle’s exterior as well as interior because we want to help you create a completely customised look. In fact, to make your dreams a reality, we have procured all the essential resources, such as dyes, printers, and more. Also, our team stays up-to-date with the latest technologies, so we can constantly improve the quality we offer.

Contact Us Today!

Essex Sign & Design wants to help you promote your brand, even if that means customising your vehicle with brand-relevant artwork, logo, and brand name. So, if you are ready to transform a boring business vehicle into a business magnet, give us a call today. In fact, we can add oomph to your home cars as well, so what are you waiting for?