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Your Logo is the Key to Perfecting Branding. Make it Count!

Your logo is the primary brand representative, which is why it needs to be memorable. Essex Sign and Design has always prioritised creativity and innovation in our design process and leveraged our expertise for maximum client satisfaction.

Our logo design services will help you get a logo that perfectly captures your brand personality. The novel design will also ensure this easily registers in the minds of your target audience and boost recall and recognition.

After all, brand recognition is the key to success!

Logo Design & Branding Packages

Starter Logo Package

    • 5x Logo Concepts
    • 5x revisions / edits
    • All files supplied including vector files

Business Logo Package

    • 8x Logo Concepts
    • 10x Revisions / Edits
    • Business Card Design
    • All files supplied including vector files

Pro Logo Package

    • 10x Logo Concepts
    • Unlimited Edits & Revisions
    • Business Card Design Included
    • Invoice or Letterhead Design
    • 1x Social media banner design
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • All files supplied including vector files

Corporate Logo Package

    • Unlimited Logo Concepts
    • Unlimited Edits & Revisions
    • Market Research
    • Business Card Design Included
    • Marketing materials designed to fit your branding
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Detailed Brand Guidlines
    • All files supplied including vector files
    • Proffesional Website design

Recent Logo Designs & Branding

Why Logo Design and Brand Identity Matters

Some of the biggest brands are investing extensively to get their logos redesigned, and there is a reason for it. Logo designs are a vital part of branding, and their design can affect a brand’s image and equity. There are several reasons why your logo design is essential, the most prominent of which restated below:

1.      First Impressions

The first impression may be the last in a world heavily cluttered with marketing communication and advertisements. Sure, you will get another chance to make your mark, but why risk it? Your logo is the first element your audience will look for and associate your brand with.

Hence, your logo has to be the best representation of the brand image you want to establish. A bland logo, for example, will barely register, if at all, and the audience will likely forget it seconds after interacting with it.

Hence, it must capture attention on the first attempt.

2.      Establishes Brand Recall

A well-designed logo is crucial to establishing brand recall and top of mind (TOM). Overly complex logos, no matter how attractive, need time to register. It takes an experienced brand to understand the complex messages you want to communicate and optimise them into a simple but memorable design.

3.      Communicates Your Brand Personality

Trying to tell people about your brand personality repeatedly will be exhausting and a waste of resources. Having a well-designed logo removes the need for you to take such actions because this compact set of visuals consistently communicates the brand’s personality to your audience.

The better it represents the intended personality, the better the impact on overall brand equity will be.

4.      Becomes a Statement

A well-designed logo can become a statement in its own right, and that’s what you should aim for as well. Apple’s semi-bitten apple, McDonald’s arches, and Nike’s tick are some examples of how a creatively designed logo can become strong enough to represent the brand’s message with nothing but the visual.

It may take a little time to reach that stage, but getting your logo designed by Essex Sign and Design will help you reach this goal more quickly!!

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