Magnetic Van Signs

£19.99 (Inc VAT)

Magnetic van signs are a ideal solution for applying to the sides of vehicles. They are weatherproof and adhere securely to the surface without damaging the bodywork,
They are a cheap and effective way of using branding space making them perfect for temporarily decorating commercial vehicles.

  • Easily remove and re-apply
  • High-resolution print in full colour
  • Choice of Matt or Gloss laminate
  • High Strength magnetic backing
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Apply to any flat steel surface including vehicles
  • Custom sized magnetic van signs are available

Please choose size

Cannot see the size you need just select the nearest size and let us know the actual size needed in the special instructions section below Max size 1200 x 600mm

Please choose your laminate type:

Design Options

Artwork supplied MUST be the correct size and in the correct format ready to print. Designs supplied in wrong format or size can incure a set up fee.

Files we accept are .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, .jpg, .psd if you unsure please get in touch with us we will be happy to help.

You can also send your artwork/design via email if prefered.


Special Instructions

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Magnetic Van Signs

Branding is key for any business. It becomes more important for businesses operating in the door-to-door service industry. One way to boost your brand recognition is through magnetic vehicle signage.

Magnetic van signs are ideal for applying your brand’s logo, slogan and text on each side of any vehicle. Our magnetic signs are waterproof and securely adhere to any surface without affecting the vehicle’s bodywork. On top of that, our magnetic van sign is a cost-friendly branding solution for those looking to temporarily decorate their commercial vehicles.

Let’s get the word out about your services and business

At Essex Sign & Design, we are helping businesses make a mark in their industries and promote their products and services in through custom workwear and branding materials. For this reason, we are offering magnetic car signs that help our clients get noticed while they are busy at work. Our magnetic van signs are invaluable as they are convenient to use and take off.

Our magnetic car signs are one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your brand name in the targeted location while you are completing the job. We leverage advanced digital printing technology to create magnetic van signs, promising the best quality and accurate replication of your desired colours and designs.

We are promoting branding that leaves an impact on your potential customers. We use flexible, smooth, and durable magnetic material to create magnetic car signs, which means printing and designing won’t damage the sign. In addition, we promise the flexibility in removing and replacing magnetic van signs because we want convenience for you.

Personalised Size & Finishing

Essex Sign & Design believes in making possibilities a reality, which is we cater to every client, irrespective of their shape and size requirements. This is why we think outside the box and remain creative during the design and production process. In addition, we procure the magnetic materials in roll stock as well as sheet format, promising efficient production of magnetic van signs.

Currently, we are offering four to five different sizes (our size ranges from A0 to A5) to make sure the signs are sized according to your vehicle. However, if our preset sizes aren’t suitable for you, we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Durable Quality

At Essex Sign & Design, we believe in delivering quality and durability to our clients, which is why we only use premium materials to create pull up banners, work hoodies, workwear jackets and magnetic van signs. In addition to premium materials, we test the signs for their wind-withholding capacity, which means you can drive around with the sign installed without worrying about the sign falling off.

We have a dedicated team of quality assurance experts who check the magnetic van signs for possible damages and errors. If there are any errors, we will immediately discard them and create a new sign that aligns with the quality and durability standards. In addition, our magnetic van signs are weather-resistant, so you can always make a strong impression wherever you go.

Vivid Printing

We understand that you’ve to get the word out about your business, which is why we promise bright and vivid colours that attract the readers’ attention. Our printing and designs aren’t only vivid but face-resistant as well, promising zero glare. We have an in-house printing team that knows the ins and outs of printing the signs, so you won’t have any complaints.

Once you give us the desired design, we will help you add customised details to the magnetic van signs to make sure it reflects your brand. In particular, we use UV ink printing, which is resistant to fading, so you can apply it on the vehicle and start flaunting your brand. In addition, if needed, we will use latex printing to ensure there are no compromises on colour’s vividness.

Easy Application

At Essex Sign & Design, we believe in the convenience of our clients, which is why we promise easy application of the can signs. For instance, our magnetic van signs can be applied on the curved surfaces of the vehicles, and you can use them on side panels as well. There won’t be any issue applying the sign on flat surfaces.

All you’ve to do is to follow the basic instructions and use a clean and dry surface to apply the signs. However, we should warn you that it won’t stick on the bumpy surface. Also, if you take care of the magnetic van signs and keep them with care, you can use the signs for over three to five years. Lastly, if you have to take off the sign for vehicle wash, you can easily re-apply the sign without any sticking issues.

Strong Backing

We understand that you’ve to drive the vehicle at high speeds sometimes, and the speed shouldn’t lead to the sign falling off. For this reason, we use the strongest magnetic backing possible because we want to keep your sign safe and on the vehicle. We import magnetic backing from top-notch suppliers, promising quality and support. Also, our signs have a weather protection lamination, so the print stays on.

Suitable For Temporary Use

Essex Sign & Design wants to be there for the clients. If you are using the same vehicle for business and personal use, you can depend on us. That’s because our magnetic van signs are suitable for temporary use – you can take off the sign during weekends and personal time and re-apply them later when it’s time for business. For this purpose, we use a material that’s 850 microns thick, so it will stick to the vehicle, irrespective of how strong the winds are.


We understand the importance of sticking to the budget for businesses, which is why we have set affordable prices for magnetic van signs. Our signs are a cost-effective yet highly effective promotion strategy, promising quick rewards. Our prices differ with the complexity of the design, size, and printing type you want, but we will try our best to keep the prices affordable for you.

Multiple Designs

At Essex Sign & Design, we believe in your uniqueness, which is why we create magnetic van signs that suit your needs. Our signs can be designed with rounded or square corners, whatever you want. However, if you want a customised shape, we will be there for you.

Contact Us Today!

Essex Sign & Design wants to be there for your branding and promotional needs, which is why we are offering exceptional quality work t shirts and magnetic van signs. We use premium materials and strong magnetic backing that keep your sign secured to the vehicle. So, call us, and we will discuss the order in detail!



I don’t have any artwork for my Magnetic Signs can you help?

If you have the elements, such as logos and text, we can use these and create a print ready design layout for you at just £15 (terms apply)

If you would like only text this option is free of charge

Does your magnet come with a laminate covering?

Yes you can choose from gloss or matt laminate.

When will i recive my magnetics signs.

Our lead time is 3-5 working days from artwork approval.

Is there anywhere on my vehicle I should not place a magnetic sign?

We recommend not placing the sign on any damaged, rusted, or curved surfaces. Using the sign on such surfaces can cause the magnetic adhesion not to work as intended.
magnetic signs should be placed on smooth flat surfaces, away from any crevices or creases which may lead to interference from wind.

Will your magnetic signs damage my car?

As long as you make sure that the surface you are adhering the magnets to is clean so there is no chance of grit scratching the vehicle’s surface and additionally, make sure the back of the sign is clean and free from dirt and dust.

Also leaving the magentic sign on your vehicle all the time in the same position may cause your vehicle’s paint to become discoloured compared to the rest of the vehicle: where it is protected from the sun.

Do car magnets stick to all types of vehicles?

Only steel. If you’re not sure if all of your vehicle is metallic, or if there are plastic elements. Then you can either test the area with a small magnet or ask your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Can i use my magnetic sign in car washes?

You must remove your car magnets before using an automatic car wash or a power jet wash.